Tuesday Treasury: A Little Squirrely

I've been really into wildlife lately, especially wildlife and surroundings that remind me of the cool Autumn air. This week I wanted to showcase those Etsy items that feature squirrels! During my search I found so many great items, it was really hard to choose, but I was finally able to narrow my search down, as hard as it was! I hope you enjoy these selections, and be sure to check out these wonderful shops!

1. Simbiosis by Julia - I fell in love with the colorful aspect of this gadget bag the minute I saw it! Rarely do you see so much vibrant color associated with squirrels, so this really caught my eye.
2. Peaches 4 Me - I love the little acorn accompanying the sweet squirrel on this necklace. This is a perfect accessory for the cool Autumn weather!
3. Janey Mac Press - I've been really into wall decals lately, because they add such a statement to any living area, but they are easy and cheap to change often! I love this little squirrel perched on its branch, and the fact that he is leaning over toward the chair.
4. Moxie and Oliver - What a sweet wallet this is! The distressed feel with the little squirrel in the corner is so subtle and cute!
5. Freshy Fig - Here is another necklace I just couldn't resist. He is so sweet!
6. Fuzzy Mu - I love this notebook and the mirroring quality it portrays when the notebook is open. This is sure to give any artist creative inspiration!
7. Marmee Craft - What an absolutely adorable print! These squirrels look so happy and would certainly put me in a good mood!
8. Elpy - How simple and sweet are these magnets! And sturdy enough to hold multiple papers! I love that the set includes different designs.
9. Buttered Parsnips - I just love the vintage feel of these sweet buttons! How cute would these be adorning your favorite cardigan?

I hope you enjoyed these squirrel picks and take the opportunity to check out each of these lovely shops!




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