Below you will find an ever-changing list of stationery designs from DawnCorrespondence, and where their inspiration was derived from. DawnCorrespondence was created with the goal of reviving the art of letter writing, and helping to develop writing skills in children and adults alike. Much of our inspiration is expanded from this ultimate goal, and we hope you'll enjoy our stories and designs just as much as we enjoy creating them!

You're a Breath of Fresh Air
Created September 2009
Single note card with sky blue envelope, $2.75

The inspiration from this note card came from a loved one who made a healthy, life-changing decision to quit smoking. One of the immediate effects for individuals who have decided to quit smoking is that they take in much more oxygen that non-smokers are used to taking in on a daily basis. For this reason, many ex-smokers have a really hard time staying smoke-free because the extra oxygen just becomes too hard for them to handle, even though they are doing a good thing for their body! This card was created with that concept in mind. Ex-smokers literally are a breath of fresh air! What better, more personal, and loving way to tell someone you care that you are proud of their accomplishment than with a sweet, personal, handwritten letter? The great thing about this note card, though, is that it can be used for just about any occasion, not just for ex-smokers! Want to thank someone for their kindness? Tell someone you care? This note card has become such a unique way for many individuals to tell their friends and loved ones just that!

Interested in purchasing this note card? Email me at hello@dawncorrespondence.com for ordering details!


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