Destination: Organization

I spent almost all day organizing my workspace. It has been screaming at me for months, and I finally just had to muster up the courage to get it done. It was taking so long that I almost quit halfway through, but I just kept on truckin'. Thank goodness I did because I feel so much better now!

It's not exactly the way I'd like it to look, but I need some more shelving before it will be exactly right.

But, first, here is how it looked before Destination: Organization!

And here are the lovely 'after' photos:

That ribbon shelf needs to be hung, but other than that I think it's as close to complete as it can get until I get more shelves! I can't believe I can actually sit on the bed now! WOW, is this going to be a great start to my week!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and is geared up for my new features that will begin running tomorrow!



  1. Nice Job. I like it. Whenever I try to orgainze my workspace, it is right back the way it was the next day. Not good. Can you come by and help me with mine. Pretty Please! :-)


  2. Great job! I get a little stressed trying to organize my paper. Some day!

  3. I wish I had room to get that messy! I am confined to one tiny table. I've been bugging hubs for months to let me take over the Rec Room!

  4. Wow, nice job!
    I've got to do some BIG TIME straightening, too. I'm spending too much time tidying before I can start something new, and too much time looking for things I've misplaced.
    One of these days...

  5. Amanda--wow! That is quite a transformation. Everything looks so well organized and now at your fingertips. My problem is once I get things neatly organized, I'm not good about keeping it that way!
    Good luck to you in maintaining such a lovely work environment!

  6. What a great feeling to be neet and organized.

  7. Alright, your next project is my house now! HA! So glad you got through that, it looks great. :)

  8. Wow - That looks terrific! Great job. It always seems so daunting at first, huh? Looks like your efforts have paid off. It's always so much nicer to go into your workspace when it is nicely organized. Anyway, congratulations and

  9. Wow Amanda! Great job! :)
    You really got organized, now you will be more inspired on your creations... Way to go! :)

  10. It's amazing how a clean work area can make you that much more creative! Congrats on getting it all organized :)

  11. Way to go! I admire anyone who can actually complete a studio cleanup! That is one of my lifetime goals. Sadly, I haven't accomplished yet. Perhaps next time!

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  13. Great job!
    I wrote a post a while ago about getting organised and nothing has changed here! Yours is an inspiration.



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