Week of Hope

For those of you who have not yet heard, this week, beginning Tuesday, is the Week of Hope. The Week of Hope was started by Russ Haan in an effort to encourage Americans to send positive letters through the mail with the word "Hope" written on each envelope. What a powerful message this will send to individuals all over the nation!

In an effort to encourage this message, I will be giving free stamps and additional mailable cards to each purchase made in my Etsy shop this week. I will be offering this from the time this post is read, until midnight on September 7th!

I hope each of you will take the time to send someone special a note in the mail this week and spread hope and encouragement throughout our nation!



My Perfect Palette: Week 3

Alright, ya'll, I know I told you I had 2 palettes to share with you this week, but I decided to alter and consolidate them into one palette! With all the Fall hype going on, I wanted to do something whimsical and fun...so I wouldn't get bored with Fall before it even got here! Not to mention, I've been working pretty hard on some gorgeously elegant black and white wedding correspondence for a custom order, so the bright cheerfulness of this palette was a refreshing change!

Unfortunately, I've been so busy with custom wedding correspondence that I haven't been able to finish the pieces that I've been working on ...but next weekend I will do a Part II from this week as well as a new palette! And I have some good things in store to talk to you about this week, so stay posted!

Moving forward, here are a few of my UWIB faves in this week's palette....

I am just in love with the gorgeous, rich gray of this necklace by Erin Keys over at Femme Petal!

I am a huge fan of Lori at Dirt Road South and love the rich green of these bobbies!

And this shea butter cupcake from Cozy Moments looks delectable enough to eat!

Last, but of course not least, how gorgeous is this green clip from Ticklebean?

These colors just all look so gorgeous and whimsical together! Such a refresher for the end of summer! I hope ya'll enjoy these items just as much as I do! Check back in next week for my favorite colors and items of the moment!


I Told You it was for All of Life's Little Occasions!

Hey ya'll! Happy Saturday! For those of you who haven't had a chance to check out my Etsy shop today, I have posted a new You Kick Butt! notecard. While this notecard can be used as a congratulatory note for just about any occasion, I designed it with a specific event in mind. This was designed to congratulate those who have quit smoking and have hit a milestone (hence the kick butt...hehe). Maybe it is a week, or a month, or a year. Whatever the milestone, I believe this is a reason to celebrate one of life's little occasions!

With all this being said, I think it's important to recognize a number of milestones for individuals who have given up smoking. Be on the lookout for many more of these achievement cards to come.

I'll also be posting some new featured items in the coming weeks in preparation for the holidays, so I hope you will stay posted!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to view my favorite colors of the moment!

Have a wonderful Saturday evening!



Oooh it HAS to be a sign!!

I jut noticed I posted my last blog post at 11:11! That has to be a sign of good luck!

Andddd...good night.


Hey ya'll! I am going to make this a short and sweet post. I am completely exhausted after this busy, hectic week! I am working on a pretty large custom wedding order (photos to come after I am finished1!) on top of the average, every day work! Whew! It makes me tired just to think about it!

Anyhow, amongst my crazy week I was able to find a few minutes here and there to start hashing out some ideas for a monthly newsletter! This is something I've been wanting to offer my customers, and anyone else who is interested in the business, for a few months now! With that being said, if you are interested in receiving a monthly e-newsletter from DawnCorrespondence, leave me a comment or email me at dawncorrespondence@gmail.com with your email address! I promise you won't be let down. There are surprises coming every month through the rest of the year if you are a subscriber :o)

Be sure to check in later this weekend for my color scheme of the moment! I think I actually have two this week...I haven't posted any listings from either of them yet, so they are both a secret, so be sure to check them out!

Ya'll have a fabulous Saturday, and I promise to be more lively later this weekend!



Whooooo Likes Receiving Letters in the Mail?

I promise I'll get over the owl stuff soon, ya'll! I just need to get it out of my system! They are just so daggone cute! So I was finally able to finish up some owl stationery today! I had a really hard time deciding what colors I wanted to do them in, so...I did two different kinds! The photos are below for your enjoyment, and you can purchase them from my Etsy shop!

I think these sweet blue owls are my favorite. Buuut, for the red lover, I did them in red (below) also.

What do you think? Would you like to see them in another colors? I can also make them available without the box at a cheaper rate! Just let me know!

Okay, I think my owl phase is simmering. I'm still obsessed, but I've expressed it enough that I don't think I have much more to say about them. Maybe.

Ya'll have a great night, and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!



Owl Mania

Ya'll...I did it. I bought the matching earrings from Dirt Road South for my owl necklace! I am so excited to get them. Here they are...

Aren't they adorable!? I can't wait! But, I'm wondering now, how much owl jewelry is too much? Because I found yet another owl necklace from Polished Two that I can't stop thinking about. Here it is...

What do ya'll think? To purchase or not to purchase...I can't decide. I want it really bad. It has also inspired me to finally make owl stationery that I have been meaning to do for a few weeks now. I am taking a different approach than originally planned, though. Stay tuned, I will be posting photos of it, and I will be listing it on my Etsy site as well!

I hope ya'll had a fantastic Monday. I made some new Etsy friends today I will be sharing shops of late this week, so be on the lookout!

Have a superb evening!



Whoooo Loves New Jewelry?

Okay, seriously, ya'll, sorry for the corny title, but I had to do it. I've been so obsessed with owls lately! Lucky for me some of my amazingly talented fellow UWIBs had (note: I said had, not have...I have them now!) some fabulous earring jewelry for me to snag!

Below are my new earrings I received from Polished Two. I absolutely love these cute little owls, and have already gotten so many compliments on them! I love the adorable blue and white pattern paired with the sleek silver.

On Friday, after a long day at work, I came home to yet another package from a fabulous UWIB. Lori over at Dirt Road South custom made this adorable necklace for me, and I absolutely cannot wait to wear it! She also has the matching earrings I may need to snatch up soon....

I hope ya'll enjoy these as much as I am going to enjoy wearing them! Have a fabulous week!


My Perfect Palette: Week 2

I have to say that as the week went on this past week, I began doubting what I said last week about my favorite color palette changing so often. I kept going back to the browns and oranges and greens that I had posted last week. BUT, my taste didn't fail me! Come Friday and Saturday I began working on some new items and noticed that my color palette I was working with slowly started to morph into the colors you see to the left. I think it is a great, refreshing Fall palette. The navy blue is a nice change from black, and the bright grass green is a good transition color. The curry and champagne are good accent colors to use!

Here are a couple of new items I created that incorporate these colors. They are slightly different, so you can get an idea of the customization that can be done, but they can be designed as a set so you get matching thank you cards with your wedding invitations and correspondence!

And below are a few items I am absolutely loving from my fellow UWIBs and Sassy Sisters that incorporate my color palette of the moment!

What a refreshing landscape painting from WabiBrookStudio!

And how can you not fall in love with these adorable cupcake toppers from Joosy Card Co.?

What a gorgeous necklace from The Beaded Branch! I am loving the shades of blue in this selection.

And last, but certainly not least, what a gorgeous Fall necklace from Femme Petal!

I hope ya'll enjoy this week's color palette! Who knows what will be my favorite next week!



Tag! You're It!

I got tagged! My turn to play! Remember playing tag as a kid? This works pretty much the same way. I was just tagged by the mother-daughter crafting team, Bonnie and Rachel at TLC Inspirations. Now I must list 10 interesting facts about myself and tag 10 other unsuspecting bloggers. It's a great way to get acquainted.

Bonnie and Rachel also sent over the "Primio Meme Award" with their tag. Thank you so much for tagging me and joining me in on the fun, Bonnie and Rachel!

So here it is, 10 things about me you probably do not know!

1. I get told by someone daily that I have perfect handwriting. The funny thing is, I conditioned myself at the age of 14 or so to have the handwriting I have, and after enough practice, it stuck!

2. I played basketball for 8 years growing up, and I coached for 1 year.

3. I have a minor in interior design, in addition to my BFA in graphic design.

4. I am also a painter when I can find the time! I have been trying to sell my paintings on Etsy for a year, but haven't found the time to work on it!

5. I am also a writer. I have written anything from poetry to non-fiction and a lot of things in between!

6. I am a beach girl at heart. I get as excited as a kid in a candy shop when it's time to go to the beach...even though it's not that far for me to go every weekend if I wanted to!

7. I am extremely claustrophobic. I have a hard time on elevators, and I panic if someone invades my personal bubble! Haha.

8. I have the worst sleeping habits ever. I will go days without getting much rest, and then I will crash one night. I cannot, for the life of me, lay in the bed and rest and try to go to sleep, unless I know I will fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow.

9. I have a wonderful, extremely supportive family that encourages me through everything I do. Without them I would not be where I am today!

10.I probably own a small portion of Coca-Cola from all the Diet Coke I drink every day.

And, now I'd like to pass this award to all of the following blogs. "TAG! YOU'RE IT!" Tell us 10 interesting facts about you, and don't forget to pass it on! (Note: I realize I tagged 11 bloggers...that's on purpose!)

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My Perfect Palette: Week 1

I enjoy working with color variety...a lot. In fact, I enjoy working with color so much that my taste in the colors I use in my designs changes so often I can barely keep up with it! So, I thought it would only be logical to show ya'll my perfect color palette of the moment! This palette will feature items I am working on, items I am loving, and give you a sneak peek into the colors you can see in my designs in the next few days. For my very first Perfect Palette feature, I have been really into these gorgeous rich colors that are a great transition from the hot August days to the cool Fall mornings. My favorite thing about using these colors is that they are so versatile. You can play up the orange and curry colors for summer, or the sage and chocolate for Fall. Such a great combination!

Here is a wedding invitation design I worked on this weekend that incorporates the sage and chocolate:

And here, you'll see some lovely features from my fellow UWIB ladies!

I just love this Cinnabar butterfly and buffalo stone necklace by PolishedTwo! A great transitional piece from summer to fall.

What a gorgeous Modern Landscape painting from Kristen Stein Fine Art! Another perfect transitional piece.

And how can you not love this sweet Harvest the Corn Illustration Print by Tamara Garvey? I could see this fitting beautifully in my kitchen!

I am just loving these gorgeous, rich transitional colors, but what will next week's perfect palette be? Will it be something completely different or a similar version of this week's palette? Hmm...we'll have to wait and see!

I hope ya'll have a fabulous Sunday!



Shoutouts All Around!

First off, the Sassy Affair tonight was fabulous. If you missed it, our next vendor fair will be on August 29, so be sure to check it out! Let me know if you'd like details on the next event.

Secondly, I have to give a great big shout out to a fellow Sassy Sister in Sales! Kattia has an amazing blog, Inspired! Wedding Tips and Ideas that I am so honored to be featured on! Kattia is the owner of Aleximani Events, and she has some great ideas on her blog, so be sure to check it out! I am so grateful to be among her wonderful features!

Also, I was very excited to open my inbox today to see that my submission to craftgawker was accepted! YEAH! Here is a screen shot of my product in the lineup (photo courtesy of the wonderful Ms. Debbi!):

That's me on the left! Woo hoo!

I have some great things to post about, but I want to spend some time on the posts, so I will be sure to make that a priority this weekend! I hope ya'll have the best Friday ever! Chat with you soon!



PSST...Another word on the Sassy Affair...

Good morning, ya'll! I am working hard to get some new items up and posted in my Etsy shop. I'll have a few new items up before this Thursday's Sassy Affair, but you'll have to attend this event to get a discounted price on the brand new items!

In addition to a discount on all my items and custom orders, I am going to be doing a *giveaway* to one lucky winner! It's one you won't want to miss, so make sure you attend the event!

So, get your slippers on and your lap top charged, and get ready for a fun night of shopping, sales, and giveaways from the comfort of your own home! How much better can it get?!

I hope ya'll have a fabulous Tuesday! Two days until the event! See ya there!



Get Ready for a Sassy Affair!

A Sassy Affair Shopping Extravaganza

Sponsored by Sassy Sisters In Sales

August 13, 2009

5:00pm - 9:15 pm EST

Various vendors representing a variety of products. There is something for everyone. Games, Prizes, Special Deals, Exclusive Savings! Invite your friends - they won't want to miss this either! All of our guests will be entered for a chance to win fabulous prizes , but you must REGISTER !!!!!!!

Event will take place on WAHMChats.com. In the menu select Chat rooms, enter your name, no password needed. Once logged in you'll be in "the lounge". At the top of the box click on the arrow & choose the room assigned to a Sassy Affair. Sit back and enjoy the fair! Chime in with questions or comments anytime.

If you are a vendor and are interested in participating, go to Sassy Sister Events and submit a vendor form. This is a free event. Your only requirements are to submit a prize (see terms for more details ) and you must publicize the event on your blog or other social sites.

Click here for more details and to register!

Come Join The Fun!


Custom Order!

Whew, what a busy weekend I have had! And still truckin' along! On top of trying to gear up for the upcoming holiday season (it's right around the corner, ya'll!), I've had a few custom orders to work on as well. I absolutely love custom orders. What a great way to mesh the buyer's ideas and styles with my urge to craft!

One of the custom invitations I worked on over the past few days was something I was unsure about doing. The buyer had requested a very specific custom illustration. While I do not question my illustration abilities, sometimes it is hard to see eye to eye when someone wants something so exact! It turns out our personalities and ideas worked very well together, and we both had a lot of great input into the final invitation.

Without further ado, I'd like you to see the final invitation! I'd love your input, as well! I had such a great time working on this fun invitation, and, even better, built such a great working relationship with the buyer that I get to do three more fun invitations like this! Woo hoo!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend and have a fabulous Sunday afternoon and evening. Stay motivated this week, crafters!



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