Mini Cards

I've gotten so much great feedback on these mini cards that I wanted to share my excitement with ya'll! I also wanted to give you a little bit of the back story behind these cards as well...my original plan was to start making mini cards about 6 months ago. I had all these great envelopes I had purchased and/or created and was so excited to begin selling them...well, life got in the way and I kept putting it off. FINALLY, one day I was ready to sell them! I went to my office, at my desk, where I had put the mini cards for safekeeping...and poof! They were gone. Where the heck they went, I still couldn't tell you. So, I decided to start over. I FINALLY got some photographed and ready to sell and thought I would give you all a quick look! I'll be posting TONS more of these in the upcoming couple of weeks!


More Wedding Photos!

So I've gotten some requests to post more wedding photos. There were over 800 photos for me to end up choosing from, but I think I have found some good ones! Enjoy!

The happy couple on the lake

Something blue


Wisconsin Wedding

Last weekend I was unable to get many of my listings posted on Etsy that I had planned on doing because, being the amazingly wonderful friend that I am :o)...I made the trip from Virginia to Wisconsin for a friend's wedding! I just got my hands on all the photos from the wedding, and despite the cool weather we had, the pictures are gorgeous. My favorite wedding photos have always been the photos where you see the "action" of the event - the happiness, the work that was put into it, the EXHAUSTION! I picked my top three photos from the over 300 I saw, and have posted them here for your viewing pleasure! I hope ya'll enjoy them as much as I did! Weddings are fun!!


Lovely new present for me!

So, I'm a little late posting this because I have been at a friend's wedding in Wisconsin, but I came home to a wonderful package! I ordered this necklace from Erin Keys, fellow member of Unique Women in Business, right before I left, and it was waiting for me when I returned! I cannot wait to wear it tomorrow. You should all check out her shop, she has some other gorgeous items I may snatch up soon.
In the meantime, I am running my 10% off sale through July 27, so check it out! My new products will start going up soon as well, so be on the lookout!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday tomorrow!



Just to let everyone know, I am having a sale in my Etsy shop! Basically, I am bored with what I have, and want to revamp my entire shop - from logo, branding, and packaging to products, ideas, and sections! In order to do that I'd like to get rid of most of the items I currently have so I don't mix the new with the old. I am offering 10% off of EVERYTHING in my shop (read my shop announcement for details). AND, for anyone who reads this blog, if you order something, in the notes to seller write "Sizzling Summer Sale buyer!" and I will give you 15% off instead of 10%! I'll be posting a sneak peek of my new items soon, too (I'll be on vacation this weekend, so probably next week!)

Hope ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow! Happy corresponding!


Words of Wisdom and Paper Necessities

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! The picture shown shows a small sampling of paper goodies I received! The floral patterns will be used mainly for wedding invitations. I am excited to showcase an invitation with the dark purple petal shown! And the boxes are for gift stationery sets I will be launching.

In other news, I finished up some Words of Wisdom cards I was working on for an upcoming wedding. I wanted to show a sampling of photos because I think the colors are GORGEOUS for a mid-summer wedding! I have also developed some new ideas that will be an extension of these cards, and will be showcasing them soon! I'll keep you posted.

Coming up: I started working on a line of surfing cards I will be showcasing in the next few weeks. This stationery will donate 10% of all the proceeds to a scholarship fund in honor of a family friend who passed away tragically in a car accident. I will have much more information about this stationery soon! The stationery is coming along great, and I am looking forward to helping out this wonderful scholarship!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and I'll keep everyone updating on these various exciting projects!


Thank You to Inventing Weddings!

So, before I tell you about Inventing Weddings, let me just tell you about my disappointment when I realized someone had to sign for my printer when it arrived, and I wasn't here! Very disappointing. Luckily, though, they will be back tomorrow, and you better believe I will be getting it TOMORROW! I cannot wait to print all my new Fall and Winter designs I have been holding off on until my printer arrived!

Moving on...a huge thank you to Inventing Weddings for featuring one of my wedding invitations on their site! The image is below. Gorgeous items, and I am so honored to be featured with these amazingly talented artists!

I also received my paper! It was so exciting. The colors are gorgeous and I can't wait to feature them in my Etsy shop. I'll post some sneak peeks later.

All in all the week is going great. I hope yours is treating you well, too.

Thanks so much for checking in, and happy corresponding!


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