Changes Are Coming!

Hey ya'll! I'm so sorry I've been MIA lately - I've been a busy bee! Craft shows and holiday stationery have kept me on my toes the past couple of weeks! You'll see I've posted a piece from my holiday line! But, don't think I haven't had a few tricks up my sleeve. I have some major changes coming to my blog that I wanted to give you a sneak peek at! Below you will find a weekly schedule of material that will begin next week. As always, I'd love your feedback, comments, and questions if you have any!

MONDAY: Moody Monday - On Mondays I will feature a handmade from an online venue that will express how my week is starting out! If you know of any handmade items (or your own!) that would be a great "moody" feature, leave a link in the comments, and I just may use it if the mood strikes!

TUESDAY: Tuesday Treasures - Tuesdays I will feature either an Etsy treasury that I am currently loving, or items I've found on my own that will create my own treasury!

WEDNESDAY: Wacky Wednesday - I am most excited about my upcoming Wednesday features! Each Wednesday I will feature an interview from an artisan or entrepreneur. The fun part, however, is that these artisans and entrepreneurs will be answering unconventional questions, so hopefully you will learn something new, gain inspiration, and expand your creativity!

FRIDAY: Fridays will be all about fashion. I am obsessed with all things fashion, so I will be featuring some items I am eyeing, or gather your opinions on certain trends, topics, and the like. If it has to do with fashion, it will be here!

Like I said, I would love to hear your feedback! If you think I can expand on one of these ideas, or are simply not even interested in seeing them, please let me know! I am looking forward to bringing these fun features to my blog and really hope you will get involved and throw your thoughts and comments out there!

Thanks ya'll!



  1. Moody Monday- great idea! I happen to have some cheerfulness on hand at http://sewsweetstitches.etsy.com just incase anyone's actually feeling happy on Monday!

    I love Wednesday's plan too- I like reading odd questions in blog interviews!

  2. This is going to be so much fun!!! I cant wait for Fraday:)))

  3. YAY thanks for the comments! I am excited about ALL of them but especially Monday and Friday :)

  4. Lots of fun ideas, Amanda! I can't wait to read your posts!

  5. Your blog is great!!You know I love what you do!

  6. What great ideas you have, you but my blog to shame. I will definately be following you.

  7. I love your ideas - they will be so much fun!

  8. Wow! What a great ideas Amanda! It will be so much fun to read your dayly posts :)
    I am a new follower now!

  9. yay! i'm looking forward to these new features amanda!



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