Happy Friday to Me!!!

We all know Fridays are fabulous. There is something so great about being so close to the weekend we can taste it - even if we work at home! It's nice knowing the whole family will be around, we can come and go as we please, and leisurely complete our tasks.

Today, my Friday consisted of a full day of Spartafest 2009 where I was a vendor at the Spartafest Craft Show! Not only was it (and will be again tomorrow!) so much fun, but I've met some incredible Etsy sellers, including Ella Scott Jewels.

To top the great day off, as soon as I left the show for the evening, I got word that I was accepted as a vendor for the Richmond Handmade Holiday Craft Show 2009 in December! Talk about excitement! This was my first year applying to the juried show, and they received three times as many applications as booths they have, so what an honor to be accepted! I'll certainly be working very hard on the show, and will keep ya'll posted along the way!

I hope everyone had an equally as cheerful Friday and an even better weekend!



  1. congrats, amanda! great news!

  2. Congratulations!! rita w (uwib)

  3. So glad to hear the show is going well :)
    Congrats on being accepted into the other show!!!

  4. I'm a bit behind :) BUT CONGRATS on being accepted as a vendor at the show!! Can't wait to hear about how it all goes...



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