Growing Strong Oaks!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with you a custom order I just finished working on for my fellow Sassy Sister in Sales, Brenda! Brenda is the owner of the Greenish Pink blog, and Purely Natural Minerals. Even with all of this on her plate, Brenda will soon be opening Little Acorns Child Care! Not only is this just about the cutest name ever, but I just know Brenda is going to be GREAT for this role!

A couple of weeks ago Brenda asked me if I would create a logo for Little Acorns Child Care. I was so ecstatic to be a part of this opportunity, and Brenda and I immediately began brainstorming ideas! Our first direction was to create a whimsical tree, trying to figure out how to incorporate an acorn into the design. After working out some sketches, and talking about the direction of the company and the logo, Brenda and I came up with the final design, which you can see below!

I'd love to know your thoughts for this logo! Do think it portrays the idea of Little Acorns Child Care?


  1. Awww...it's perfect! You did an awesome job!

  2. I love it! I agree with you that Brenda is going to be awesome with her childcare. I love your work as well! So creative!



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