Moody Monday: FAIL

Well, my weekend didn't go quite as planned. I had hopes of getting so much done - bridal show book for a wedding consultation, craft show inventory, some cleaning, and enjoying the little kiddos costumes as they came to the door.

Well, Saturday I woke up feeling absolutely horrendous. I couldn't move, which is very unlike me. Needless to say, I got none of the above done. The only productive thing I was able to do was to write some articles for the Examiner, get some blog posts written, and I did get a few items listed on Etsy that I had already photographed. Not quite what I needed to get done, though, so this weekend was just an all around epic FAIL.

Thank you to Pink Flower Cube for having the perfect item to portray my feelings of this weekend! I feel like I need to be wearing this lapel pin all week long!

Hopefully next weekend will be a little more productive. I hope, however, that you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend, and have a fabulous week ahead!



  1. (hugs) I don't think you failed this weekend. I think you listened to your body & that changed your plans to more body friendly.

  2. I hope your week is more productive than your weekend...hugs :)



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