It's Fashion Friday!

For this week's Fashion Friday, I wanted to do some searching for Fall fashions for 2009. Through my search, I came up with this outfit that I thought was very eloquently photographed. I like that it is not just about the outfit, but also about the woman's style, and the art of the photography. I don't really have the need to wear an outfit like this, but if I did, I totally would! Paired with some sleek black stilettos this ensemble would be a showstopper!
Now it's your turn. What do you think?

Photo courtesy of Marie Claire


  1. Ooooo...love how she topped it off with the pink hat!

  2. First, it is fabulous!
    Second, you don't NEED anywhere to wear it, wear it doing groceries or heck, even doing the dishes, I guarantee it'll make it more fun :)

  3. I agree with, Edi! Love the contrasting hat.

  4. Yep I love the hat too. And the model- I'm never eating again! teehee

  5. I dont think it would be cute on me lol but the pink hat is cute as heck! hehe



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