Moody Monday: Cheerful

Hello, loves! I must say I am feeling quite cheerful today. I accomplished quite a bit over the weekend, and still had time to go see Where the Wild Things Are, and spend some time with the family. I also had a consultation for wedding correspondence last night, which is always quite fun. And on top of that I realized I am off work this Wednesday, which will be a nice crafting day/break in the middle of the week! And who can forget that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Thanksgiving is certainly one of my favorite holidays, so I am definitely looking forward to that! In honor of my Cheerful Monday, this week's item is brought to you by Sharma Designs. The color of these gorgeous earrings just popped out at me, and I could not resist them! Enjoy!



  1. Oooh pretty, and very cheerful! I love how her shop is organized by color, everything's so pretty. Glad you're having a great week already!

  2. I'm loving those earrings and her shop is amazing!



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