Maddie's New Christmas Collar!

I was so excited yesterday was Thanksgiving for a number of reasons. One being that Maddie was finally able to wear her Christmas collar! I felt silly letting her wear it before Thanksgiving so I was REALLY anxious to put it on her. I ordered this adorable collar from Crazy for Collars about a month ago. The minute I put it on her she started prancing around and showing it off. No lie. I was worried the cute little bow would irritate her but with all her fur I don't think she even notices the bow there!

I tried to get some pictures, but she was just so excited to have a new collar she kept jumping around! So I did the best I could. You can at least see the bow and a glimpse of the collar.

And here is the collar from Suzanne's listing where you can actually see it without all the fur!

How cute! I was so busy getting pictures of the adorable collar that I completely forgot to get photos of the fam! Oops! Oh well, maybe next time. :)



  1. The collar is adorable! AND...I love that dog!!!!!

  2. I think your Maddie needs to meet my Harley! She's SO cute!!!

  3. I love it! I ordered the snowman collars for my girls, I'll send you a pic when I get them to hold still. Maddie has such a sweet face!!! Makes me want to hug her!

  4. very cute ! both your dog and the collar :-)

  5. OMG Amanda! Maddie looks so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing her pictures wearing one of my designs with all of your readers.

  6. I'm so glad that everyone likes the photos! I'll try to get some better ones when she will actually sit still and isn't so excited about her new present! Haha!



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