Project 365: The Rebel's Way

I've been keeping it a secret that I wanted to participate in Project 365 this year. Mainly because I didn't want to set my goals so high that I couldn't reach them - and I knew this one would be hard for me to remember. Well, I did start, and it has been a great experience for my first week. It has certainly made me appreciate the small, joyful things I sometimes take for granted in my day-to-day surroundings. Each photo also has a short story of why I chose to take the photo, so I will sum up each story below as well. I really enjoy the moments of *bliss* each photo brought me as I realized I had a great photo op on my hands. I am excited to see my photography skills develop throughout 2010, and to start enjoying those small moments of loveliness as I find beautiful opportunities to photograph! I'm choosing to post a collage of my photos once a week rather than once a day. Mainly because I enjoy collages. Also because it works better with my schedule. So I am calling mine Project 365: The Rebel's Way. This week's collage is a conglomeration of 9 photos rather than 7 since I didn't start my posting last week.

(From left to right)

  1. The simplest, most blissful part of my day. Coffee and email catch-up. How lovely!
  2. A little bit of summer & spice in the middle of winter.
  3. Vintage books and seashells I am just waiting for inspiration from. I know it's coming.
  4. A few lovely books I love to browse, along with my stack of current notebooks I can't live without.
  5. I was inspired by the contrast of lush patent red leather with the white door in the sun.
  6. My very first experience in a store devoted to guitars. I don't play, but I wanted this.
  7. I was really inspired by the bright orange against the dark wooden bowl.
  8. My brand new colors of the moment in envelopes and ribbon.
  9. The dead of winter.
As you can see, I am really inspired by color. Which is no surprise to me. I am really excited to see how this shapes my color palettes and designs this year. Project 365: TRW is well underway and I am looking forward to seeing what next week has in store for me!



  1. I am not familiar with Project 365 .. but I love your pics and the meaning behind them .. and fyi i would want the guitar too even though i dont play hahah

  2. Debbi - Project 365 is just a goal to take a photo every day for an entire year :)

  3. can ya start anytime? lol i mean I am 9 days short at this point lol

  4. yes, Debbi! You should do it!! Start now!

  5. Wait.. people have a goal to TAKE photos every day??!!! My goal is to STOP taking so many lol! Anyway, that pink guitar is fabulous! I don't play either, but it would still look cool sitting around gathering dust, eh?

  6. Lovin' that pink guitar!!!
    What a fun project...I'll enjoy seeing where this journey takes you :)

  7. It's so nice to see someone expressing themselves through photography. I know how you feel about color! If I where to take this kind of project on it would be more like downsizing to a picture a day! lol!


  8. What a great idea. Love your choices.

  9. Great idea to do this as a collage once a week. I love color too! I look forward to seeing whta you come up with next.

  10. Pictures speak volumes! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Beautiful, Amanda! What a great idea. I admire your creativity and talent. You are very gifted!

  12. I love you so much and you have AMAZING things to offer to the public. I hope that you are doing well and I hope to see you soon.



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