Progress Report

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I'm so pleased to be sharing with you all my progress of my New Year's goals for 2010! I'm pleased because, well, I did darn good this past week! And you want to know the best part? Somehow I ended up with more time than before! I'm guessing that because I had to strategically plan things a little better, even the fun stuff, I was able to save some bits and pieces of time here and there.

So, without further delay, here is a quick synopsis of my progress...
I was able to list 5 new items in my Etsy shop. I worked on a site map for my website. I blogged 3 times. Did some running and weight-lifting at the gym, and joined a fun, fun workout class with some other lovely folks! Drew in my sketchbook several times. Photographed my life and surroundings. Had a girls night. Replaced one cup of coffee with a glass of water daily. Came a few sales closer to reaching 100 Etsy sales by my 1 year anniversary (March 15) - 6 more to go! Did something to make someone say "thank you" every day. This included picking something up while I was out, helping someone not have to go out of their way, opening doors for others, etc. It's really very easy! Try it out!

I'd say that's not too shabby for my first week! I have 51 weeks ahead of me to put the rest into practice!

Now it's your turn. Do you have goals you are working on for 2010? How was your first week accomplishing them? Did you run into any downfalls? Remember...we have plenty of time to work on our goals, and if we factor in that we are going to slip up once or twice, we can just jump right back on and try again! Good luck to each of you throughout the week, and I can't wait to hear your progress reports!



  1. Congrats on your progress! Love your "make someone say thank you" everyday. People won't have a chance with the niceness. LOL

  2. WOW Amanda, you've been rolling! I love the goal of having someone say thank you every day. I'm so behind it's crazy, I have to make things happen, thanks for the reminder to get my goals in order and get my butt back in gear!



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