And the Award Goes to...

As many of you may already know, Pantone recently unveiled their Color of the Year for 2010. I've heard nothing but excitement from fellow artists and crafters as the word spread that the award for Color of the Year goes to the luscious, bold, and cheerful turquoise! What fun as we begin to think of lovely project ideas for the year.

I'm already eager to see the gorgeous items that will be produced this summer with the color, and better yet, how it will be beautifully incorporated into the natural, warm tones of Fall!

And just imagine the beautiful destination weddings that will be taking place all over the world with lovely turquoise findings.

I, personally, do not use many shades of blue in my designs (not sure why, I just tend to migrate towards warmer tones, I suppose!), so I am excited to challenge myself in 2010 to use this lovely color, and hopefully expand my color palette even more outside my typical design comfort zone.

I'd love to keep track of all the turquoise items everyone works on throughout the year! If I get enough images in my email I will do periodic turquoise features, so email your turquoise items to me as you get them completed and listed at dawncorrespondence@gmail.com.

Have fun creating with this lovely color!



  1. I have already started using turquoise. Heehee!!! thanks for the heads up, Amanda!! It's a fresh colour.

    Anne ^i^

  2. Oh that's good to know I love that color.

  3. I love Turquoise! I'll be emailing you one of my creations.

  4. I love to pair turquoise with pink and purple or with lime green :) Love this color!



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