Artisan Interview: Minx

I've been really excited this week to introduce this fab designer and Etsy seller to you! I first discovered Minx Shop last week when I was creating a treasury (which made it the front page by the way!). I was so intrigued by Minx' work that I started browsing around her shop, and we began chatting back and forth. What a cute, spunky girl she is! And her photos are absolutely gorgeous (of course! That's what drew me to her for my treasury-making!). Let's take a little peak into the life of Minx....

Company Name:

When did you go into business for yourself?
Long, long ago when I was in college, I needed to buy food! Food comes in very handy when you are doing things such as studying and not starving. One day a dear friend of mine showed me that you could sell vintage clothes on Ebay for extra cash. In the desire to make things better, I started altering the vintage, and then eventually started altering t-shirts as well. I realized one day that the t-shirt were taken so far from their original t-shirt state, that they were essentially fabric scraps by the time I got done. At that point I realized there was no reason I couldn’t start making clothes from scratch. So I did, and I liked it a lot. It gave me a lot more freedom to invent. I like inventing.

What inspired you to do what you do?
The disaster that is the modern clothing industry. I’ve always loved clothes, and I’ve always been supremely dissatisfied with the clothes that you find in malls and other generic outlets. It’s so dull and drab to dress the way everyone else does. I don’t like that everything is mass produced in foreign countries AND usually of a fantastically shoddy quality. I usually don’t like the materials used, and the fit is generally atrocious.

I want everyone to have the opportunity to buy unique, daring clothes with amazing workmanship. I don’t think people should feel like a mass produced clone, and that we should all be able to have a lot of fun with our wardrobe.

What's the best part about being in business for yourself?
I can take a many tea breaks as I want!

Describe your business in 3 words:
Adventurous, wearable, unexpected

Up or down?
Down. At rollercoaster speeds.

What color is the "new black"?
Cream colors and ivory!

Vintage or modern?
Vintage with modern mixed in. You can have both!

Are you a girly girl?
Not in the expected way. Nothing pink for me, thanks! But I love an amazing pair of heels, makeup, and good lipstick.

Early bird or night owl?
Early bird with a night owl’s heart. I would stay up and work all night. I focus so much better in the late afternoons and night hours, but I’d never get errands done that way.

What's the one item you cannot resist when shopping?
ONE? Not fair. I’m tempted not to answer this question because it’s so unreasonable. Instead I’m going to pick something ridiculous:

Dinosaur themed objects.
Ridiculous, but true.

What's your work space look like?
It’s the entire house! All finished items are tagged and kept in an out-of-the-way closet. Fabric yardage is kept in the office after being washed. I take pictures in the loft and in the front entry way. My sewing area is in the basement (which is under construction and an utter disaster) and our living room and kitchen are generally littered with lace, sample fabrics, crumpled bits of paper, and one or two acceptable sketches.

How much sleep do you get?
Usually about 6 or 7 hours. I was doing better initially (I adore my sleepy dream time) but I’m really pushing to get my store up, running, and successful, so no more 9 hour sleep nights anymore!

Thank you so much, Minx, for giving us a glimpse into your business and your daily activities! I urge each of you to check out the fabulous, luxurious apparel Minx has to offer in her shop! I, for one, am just itching to buy that idle afternoon shirt, so I'll be back (again and again!).



  1. Thats a great interview. I really enjoyed reading it. Wish I was a tad younger (or maybe more daring :-) so that I could wear Minx lovely creations. I'm heading over to take a look at her shop. Cannot wait to see her other creations.

  2. Great Interview! Love the creations!

  3. Great interview. I just checked out her shop on Etsy and I really love it! Love the style and the items. Hmmm, theres a really cute black lace pleated skirt I want... =)

  4. Down...at rollercoaster speed-LOVE that answer :)
    Very fun and unique clothing!

  5. brilliant! love love love the clothing! i want that idle afternoon shirt too! :)

  6. I'm sure your work is very uniquely you which is the way it is supposed to be if one aspires to be a true designer. Your designs could catch on in a big way, allowing you to meet people and be taken places that you didn't expect.
    I wish you the best.



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