Custom Order!

Whew, what a busy weekend I have had! And still truckin' along! On top of trying to gear up for the upcoming holiday season (it's right around the corner, ya'll!), I've had a few custom orders to work on as well. I absolutely love custom orders. What a great way to mesh the buyer's ideas and styles with my urge to craft!

One of the custom invitations I worked on over the past few days was something I was unsure about doing. The buyer had requested a very specific custom illustration. While I do not question my illustration abilities, sometimes it is hard to see eye to eye when someone wants something so exact! It turns out our personalities and ideas worked very well together, and we both had a lot of great input into the final invitation.

Without further ado, I'd like you to see the final invitation! I'd love your input, as well! I had such a great time working on this fun invitation, and, even better, built such a great working relationship with the buyer that I get to do three more fun invitations like this! Woo hoo!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend and have a fabulous Sunday afternoon and evening. Stay motivated this week, crafters!



  1. OMG That is adorable! what a cute concept!!

    great Job!!

  2. Too Cute! My daughters would love that!!! Will definately keep you in mind when we are ready for birthday invites!



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