My Perfect Palette: Week 2

I have to say that as the week went on this past week, I began doubting what I said last week about my favorite color palette changing so often. I kept going back to the browns and oranges and greens that I had posted last week. BUT, my taste didn't fail me! Come Friday and Saturday I began working on some new items and noticed that my color palette I was working with slowly started to morph into the colors you see to the left. I think it is a great, refreshing Fall palette. The navy blue is a nice change from black, and the bright grass green is a good transition color. The curry and champagne are good accent colors to use!

Here are a couple of new items I created that incorporate these colors. They are slightly different, so you can get an idea of the customization that can be done, but they can be designed as a set so you get matching thank you cards with your wedding invitations and correspondence!

And below are a few items I am absolutely loving from my fellow UWIBs and Sassy Sisters that incorporate my color palette of the moment!

What a refreshing landscape painting from WabiBrookStudio!

And how can you not fall in love with these adorable cupcake toppers from Joosy Card Co.?

What a gorgeous necklace from The Beaded Branch! I am loving the shades of blue in this selection.

And last, but certainly not least, what a gorgeous Fall necklace from Femme Petal!

I hope ya'll enjoy this week's color palette! Who knows what will be my favorite next week!



  1. Oooh another great post with fabulous picks! Thanks so much for including my fall foilage necklace Amanda!!!
    Erin Keys

  2. Great picks Amanda!!!! Thanks for including my shades of blue necklace! (blushing)

  3. Great Job hun! I love the way you articulate! Always look forward to your blogs :) (and you got pink in there! lol)

  4. Great color combo! The invites are great...and so is that shell necklace!

  5. Lovin it! You have a keen eye for color combos! Great "fall" theme.

  6. Nice, refreshing colors and great picks!

  7. Fabulous picks, as always! Love them all, esp the leaf pendant.



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