My Perfect Palette: Week 4

Due to the holiday weekend, this is coming a little late this week! My original plan was to post yesterday, however, I ended up just taking the day away from the computer for the most part. So, here we are today!

I've been in a really fun mood lately - most likely due to the holiday weekend. This playfulness certainly shows in my palette of the week, as well as the items I created this week. In addition, I snagged a second treasury this weekend that played up on this fun holiday mood I've been feeling! Below are a few items I created within this color scheme, as well as the treasury I snagged.

All of these gorgeous treasury items are created by my lovely and talented UWIB ladies. Be sure to check out their shops! Their shops can be found in the Etsy minis on the right sidebar.

As a side note, I've really been wanting to take photos and post them of my office (er....office[s]?). Most of you don't know this about me, but I am very OCD...except with my crafting apparently. I have managed to take over a section of the kitchen, a section of the living room, a section of the bedroom, and, well, my actual office is another story in itself. If I can get the courage to post the pictures this week, I will! Maybe ya'll can give me a little encouragement?! :)

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. I'll be talking to you again soon!



  1. Amanda--I'm loving this weekly addition to your blog. You are so creative and it surely shows in all of your work, even in your thoughtful treasuries. Keep up the great work! Go UWIB!

  2. I love the "Thank you" shown above!

    I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and enter my new giveaway. (One each Wednesday thru Christmas.)


  3. I love the 'Oh, Happy Day' card. It's perfect for the 'fun' mood you described!

    Can I ask how you get the color swatches for your "My Perfect Palette" series? I've been dying to do something similar but can't seem to find a site that lets me pull, square color swatch images easily! Any pointer in the right direction would be much appreciated :)

    And thanks for stopping by Plush Palate!

  4. SUCH a pretty palette- We love it! We think you have a great eye for details! chrissy from the Perfect Palette.



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