It's Coming....

Are ya'll so excited for the first ever Fall Business Women Online Expo? Thank you so much to Dee of Runako Designs for putting this fabulous event together for us!

The First Annual Fall Business Women Online Expo will begin on Saturday, September 26. If you are an artist who wants to get involved, I urge you to check out Dee's blog post about the event!

I can't wait to participate in this fabulous event with all you talented and lovely ladies! Stay tuned for updates of this event over the next week.

Should I do a giveaway? Hmm....leave me a comment and let me know what you think I should do as a giveaway (within reason, and based on what you've seen in my shop) and I will give it some serious consideration!

Can't wait to see ya'll at the event!



  1. Good luck with the show :) Sounds fun!
    I would love to see you give away a boxed set. Maybe give people their choice with a dollar limit on it?

  2. hmmm... You have way to many items to choose from. Maybe since the holiday season is upon us a small package of Christmas/Holiday cards.



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